Monday, 28 September 2015

Craft Storage

I can't believe it was January when I last wrote a blog post!  All year I have had ideas for posts in the back of my mind, gently brewing away but none have surfaced... Until now!!

I love this time of year where the end of Summer gently melds into Autumn bringing with it the harvesting of fruit; trees magically changing into russets and golds and the air having that slight chill to it that hints "winter is coming"!
This season of change has seen my littlest child start school full time (can't believe it, where has the time gone?) and my days that were full of his bright chatter have now turned into something different. I have had more time to think and I have found myself trying to find the right balance of doing all the things I have wanted to get sorted, cleared, grown, learned and crafted for a while (sometimes even years) without attempting to do it all at once!!

One area I've wanted to tackle for a while was my crafting and sewing area!  I have a corner of the spare bedroom and whenever I wanted to sew, knit or craft I would have to rummage through boxes full of fabric, wool and other crafting essentials (and sometimes it wasn't that easy to get to!).  Not only that, whenever anyone came to stay I was really conscious of the wall of boxes that my guests were faced with!  A little bit overwhelming don't you think?
But now, thanks to the mighty muscle power and DIY skills of Mr WW; I have a brand new shelving unit  (from a well known Swedish store) to house all my crafting essentials!  I'm so excited about it, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy every time I see it! 

The great thing about doing this was that it made me edit what I wanted to keep and weed out items that I was hoarding; such a cathartic feeling!

Now I feel inspired to craft and I have loads of projects to crack on with I just can't wait!

Happy Crafting


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