Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Winter Magic

The joy of having two children peering out of the window this morning at the sparse splattering of snow we had overnight is indescribable.  We haven't had any proper snow here for a couple of years so their excitement levels were up through the roof.  I love seeing how much joy they take from day to day life and it makes me stop and appreciate everything I have even more.

The beauty of winter has always taken my breath away with its magical blanket of white.  With the children's infectious joy still resonating; I just had to go outside this morning to take some time to appreciate the season.
I love these seed heads...
The rustic chair that Mr Wonky Witch made a few years ago now covered in fungi and surrounded by leaves.... really must do some gardening!!
Celebrating and appreciating the seasons is one of my very favourite things to do!  Along with stitching, crafting, sewing, knitting that is....oh and spending time with my lovely family.

Hope you are able to take a moment to appreciate the season too!

Happy Stitching xxxxxx