Monday, 7 April 2014

Because you can never have enough threads...... right?

Due to a troll invasion; dragon sighting and goblin fight in the woods; not much sewing has been done this week!!!  Oh ok... That didn't really happen but it sounds far more exciting than just saying I've been ill and the children have had various bugs and not much has been done!

We have all had a quiet day today winding bobbins; building a camp; spending time chatting with each other; making plans and mostly just winding down into our Easter break. 

I have had a wiggly jumble of DMC threads that I have been wanting to sort out for ages and with the children's "help"; we are slowly getting them sorted.
Small sample of my DMC thread collection!

It was such a nice way to spend the day in my new craft corner/room winding up threads as we were all winding down.
I didn't realise until I started this project how many threads I actually had stashed away but I never thrown any away... after all; you can never have enough thread, right? :)
Happy Stitching/Sewing/Crafting

Zoe xx

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  1. If you buy them and use them right away they don't even count... right? :)