Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Say Hello to Mr Fox!

The Christmas tree and decorations are firmly packed away (always a sad day when they come down); the children are back at school already counting down until next Christmas and the house is back to "normal".  As much as I adore Christmas; it does take up a lot of my brain space so it's lovely to be able to think freely and enjoy being creative again.

One of the most recent creations from the Wonky Witch farmhouse has been the lovely Mr Fox cross stitch chart which is now available to download as a PDF from our website;
Mr Fox Cross Stitch Chart
I have to admit I'm very much in love with Mr Fox (ssssh, don't tell Mr Wonky Witch) with his bright orange fur and twinkly eyes... I'm sure he would be able to charm his way into any hen house!

Happy Stitching

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