Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Flitting Knitting

This week the foggy weather has descended!  Doing the school run in all this gloomy weather at this time of year is never fun but with little munchkins asking so many interesting questions on the journey; (today's question was "if we are going forwards then the other way is backwards but if we go the way that is backwards isn't that going forwards"?); I soon forget about it.  :)

With this cold spell lingering, I've very much felt the need to cosy up by the fire with a hot water bottle warming my feet and my knitting to hand. Knitting for me, is definitely a winter sport!

Unfortunately I have the attention span of a fish and I am flitting from knitting project to knitting project in the vague hope that one of them might actually get finished! 
Nordic Style reindeer cushion
I'm really excited by this Nordic reindeer cushion as it is the first time I've attempted to knit something that had a mix of colour and pattern to it.  The pattern came from a book called Nordic Knits by Martin Storey and is full of wonderful Nordic patterns for socks, shawls, cushions etc.
Sparkly purple snood
This next project is my second attempt at working with circular needles and I love the wool for this one as my eldest munchkin chose it herself and asked me to knit her a snood for the winter time... She meant this winter but I suspect it may be NEXT winter before it's finished!!!  
Knitted heart
My TA DAH moment is that I did actually finish something... and then got so excited I decided to make a mini version which I haven't quite finished!  This little knitted heart has been a lovely, simple project to make and the best thing about it is that I've learnt so much about knitting and what some of the abbreviations mean that I feel excited to have progressed beyond squares.

So I did actually finish one.... still have a lot more to do and then there's the sewing and cross stitch projects to complete.... not that I flit from project to project or anything!!! (ahem!)

Happy Knitting/Sewing/Stitching