Sunday, 16 March 2014

Spring has sprung!

One of the things I love about living in Norfolk are the big skies and when it's sunny; believe me they are glorious! 

I love spring with it's abundance of potential summer loveliness creeping through the ground; the song of the birds in the trees and the ducks arriving on our doorstep ready to be fed.  One of my favourite spring time activities is sowing seeds ready for the veggie patch.  We've already started some beans and we have now bought some seed potatoes to chit ready for planting.

seed potatoes being chitted.
After winter time, spring is always a welcome relief and with it heralds the return of my sewing mojo.  You can't beat sewing when the sunlight is streaming through the (not quite so grubby as I did attempt to clean them) windows.

One of the projects that I've long been meaning to do and finally got around to doing was sewing some chair cushions for the children's seats at the kitchen table.  The table is just a little bit too tall for our little one's and they have struggled a bit to reach their tea on occasions.  The children both chose the fabric from my stash and I made a simple envelope cushion (so I can put it in the wash whenever needed) with ties.
My daughter's cushion for her kitchen chair
I didn't use foam padding as you would traditionally use for kitchen chairs as I needed the height from the cushion pad.
My little boy's cushion.... I love this fabric

It feels good to have completed this project and now I feel inspired to finish some more.

Hope you are feeling the same way too.

Happy stitching

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