Monday, 10 March 2014

Happy times with Tom and Jerry

There's nothing I like more than hearing the children giggle.  The sound of their laughter brightens up my day (and is infinitely better than when they fight) and brings a smile to my face.

The children are currently chortling and dare I say it; laughing out loud (lolling) to a good old fashioned episode of Tom and Jerry.  It amazes me that something that was thought of so many years ago makes the children laugh with glee and I guess it's the comedy slap stick element that keeps them laughing.

My sister very kindly donated some more Tom and Jerry DVD's to the children so hopefully that will keep the children "lolling" for some time to come! :)

Tom and Jerry - still making us laugh!
Such happy memories for me to treasure and made even more special as my sister and I used to laugh in the same way when we were young.
Happy Stitching


  1. Tom & Jerry was one of my faves growing up! In this day and age of gun violence I find it ironic that in the U.S. they rate this as one of the most violent cartoons on TV. Really? It's a cat & mouse in comic situations. Glad to see there are still young ones out there that can laugh over the episodes! :)

    1. Kelly; glad to see you are a fan of Tom & Jerry too! :). In my mind the episodes are good old fashioned slapstick comedy! :)