Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Advent Stockings!

At the end of November I decided to make the children's advent calendars this year rather than buy the usual cardboard ones.  I soon realised that I should have had this bright idea back in October (or possibly January) when I worked out the amount of stockings I needed to make!!!  I also deliberated for far too many days about how to add numbers until it became a real stumbling block.  So eventually I decided to just go with making them; hoping no-one would mind there aren't any numbers attached... after all, the children can count... right?
50 little felt stockings cut out and ready for sewing.
After many nights of sewing in secret; I have to admit I've fallen in love with this project.  Simply put, it has filled me with such great joy to watch the children's excitement as they anticipate the next little chocolate stuffed stocking the magic elves bring for them over night. 
The magic elves are of course Mr Wonky Witch, who has also jumped on board this project and shared in the excitement.  Watching him as he sneaks into our slumbering children's rooms, desperately trying not to trip over anything or make too much noise has also been an unexpected joy.
Last, but by no means least, making each of the 50 stockings as individual as possible from my hoard of ribbons; buttons and sequins has been a challenge but a pleasurable one at that.  Some of the ribbons and buttons have a history going back a few generations and some of the bits and bobs have been given to me by lovely friends and family.

The sewing part of the project has all been done in secret to try and maintain some of the magic but my daughter keeps saying to me "I know it's you mummy!".... so much for secrecy!!

Happy Christmas Stitching

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