Sunday, 20 March 2011


Little Green Men from outer space or Un-Finished Objects?  Stitching objects (or should I say projects) in this instance.  OK so the UFO acronym is questionable but whilst dusting off the cobwebs during a recent spring clean I pondered the reasons behind why I have so many UFOs in my sewing room.

*Lack of time?
*Life getting in the way?
*Excitement of a new project?
*Overstretching oneself with too many projects?

My current "UFO" - Cut Thru' Fairy Hill
I admit I'm guilty of all of the above but the joy of stitching is that you can always come back to the piece, rediscover what you loved about it in the first place and pick up where you left off.  For example I have been stitching a picture for my daughter's bedroom (cut thru' fairy hill designed by Amanda Loverseed) for nearly 2 years and have often felt guilty about not completing it but every so often I get the urge to do some more and slowly it has grown.  She was a newborn when I started it 2 years ago and with a new addition to the family; will probably be about 18 by the time I've finished it; but the brilliant thing about this piece is that I can pick it up and start where I left off without having to think about it.

I'm not one for New Year's Resolutions but if I were I think my resolution this year would be to "finish what I've started" that way I'll feel less guilty about all the other exciting stitching projects I have my eye on! :)  So with this in mind it's time to put the kettle on and load up my needle with another thread!

Happy Stitching


  1. UFO's...Run! Little Green Threads everywhere!

  2. Hello! You can look at my blog tomorrow, I have a pressie for you! So to speak!