Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The week with the crazy idea!

This week has seen a definite turn from autumn to Winter here as the temperature starts to drop.  I will be sad to see Autumn leave us as it is my favourite time of year and I feel really in tune with it as a season.  There's something about cosily sewing by the fire as the nights draw in; seeing the leaves falling from the trees laying their glorious carpet of colour and watching the munchkins delight in jumping in puddles that speaks to me.

With the delights of autumn turning to winter my thoughts are now firmly set on Christmas and that inevitably leads to "ooh what can I make?".  I had my lightbulb moment whilst doing my weekly shop and my daughter asked me if they were having advent calendars this year and I thought "I know; I'll make them!"  This was a completely crazy idea as not only is it being done as a surprise so I'm restricted to evenings but also I had this idea on the 22nd November which meant I only had a few days of November left to make two advent calendars!

So Friday morning whilst my littlest munchkin was at nursery, I spent a very happy 2 hours cutting out 100 little felt stockings to make into an advent calendar.  I will hopefully be decorating them using remnants of fabric, ribbons and buttons I've faithfully hoarded collected over the years!
I will keep you posted as to my progress as the week goes on!!

Happy Stitching


  1. Very cool. Will the shoemaker's elves drop by and help finish them?

  2. Methinks at this late stage I should really stop by their workshop and ask for help! :)