Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Tapestry Herb Pillow Kits - Confessions of a cushion obsessive

I have a confession... I'm a little bit obsessed with making cushions!

I didn't realise this until Mr Wonky Witch pointed out that every time I get a bit of scrap fabric; come across a new knitting pattern or a tapestry kit I immediately think "oooh I could turn that into a cushion"!  Does anyone else do the same...... or is it just me?

I'm particularly in love with this herb tapestry kit by Cleopatra's needle.  I've had my eye on this for a while and even bought it for my mum a few years back.  She has yet to sew it and I'm itching to do it for her!!
Well we now have this lovely herb tapestry pillow in stock along with some other beautiful tapestry kits designed by Cleopatra's Needle and seeing the kit in the flesh has made me love it even more!   I think this kit is one that I've put on my "to do" list in the near future along with a few other cushion kits I have my eye on.... after all you can never have enough cushions! 

Happy Stitching


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