Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Cut Thru' Fairy House Cross Stitch - Progress So Far...

As mentioned previously in my blog, I am trying to finish the cross stitched Cut Thru' Fairy House by Bothy Threads for my daughter's new room.  My daughter's room has now been finished and she has since moved out of it as she didn't like it and back into her old room (but that's a whole other story).  I never did manage to get it finished for her new (now old) room but I have still made some progress which I'm pleased with! :)


I've managed to complete another "page" of the chart and done some more of the back stitching which really makes the picture come alive.  I've loved stitching the little mushrooms and cupcakes; and I've enjoyed working with the bright colours.  I also love the slightly quirky feel to the whole picture.
Quick question:  Does anyone else do their back stitching as they go along or do you wait until the end?

If you are stitching one of these charts I hope your progress is quicker than mine!

Happy Stitching

Wonky Witch Needlecraft

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