Monday, 30 May 2011

Sewing Projects - Christmas Teepee and Reindeer

I'm amalgamating the pages on my blog so this is a re-post of my previous sewing page.
I have a confession!!!  Although I've been a keen cross stitcher for nigh on 20 years; I'm new to sewing and I have to say, I've absolutely fallen in love with it.  Below are a few of my sewing projects that I'm working on for friends and family and hopefully it will inspire others to dust off their sewing machines and give it a go! 

As a starter I'd like to show you some Christmas presents I made for my daughter.  First was the teepee!  I wanted to give her a bit of private space that she could play with indoors during the winter time.  The pattern for this came from Sam Scarborough's "cool spaces for kids" book which has loads of great ideas for sewing projects.  The fabric I chose was just a smal pink and white gingham as it suited her room and was easy for a newbie like me to work with. 

The second present was a reindeer style hobby horse!  This one was a bit trickier and involved some collaboration with my better half on the woodwork side of things but I finally pulled it all together on Christmas eve.  This design came from "Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle" by Tilda whose books I love (I seem to have collected them all) and my daughter loves racing around the house on it! :) 

Hopefully I shall have more to share with you soon.

Happy sewing

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