Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Hearts and Flowers

With a new addition to the family it's proving hard to find the time to tackle some of the bigger stitching projects that I have in mind.  However, for mother's day recently I did manage to stitch a much smaller project which was a kit that came from a recent edition of "Cross Stitcher" magazine.  The little heart shaped felt case in the left of the picture did have a mirror to go with it but I stuffed it full of chocolates instead.  (I thought Mum would appreciate those more!!)  It took around 4 hours to sew and had a mixture of cross stitch, backstitch and blanket stitching.  What drew me to this project were the bright and cheerful colours which made it really fun to stitch. 
2 small projects from cross stitcher magazine

When I stitch or make things I tend to do it for other people but the little pin cushion on the right of the picture was just for me.  Again this was another small kit from a recent "Cross Stitcher" magazine and was just what I needed to stop all those pins dropping to the floor for my toddler to find!

When time really is of the essence, it's really nice to have small projects like this to keep you going and make you feel like you've had a little bit of "hobby time".

Happy Stitching

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